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Optional Systems:
Landscape irrigation systems, swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and equipment, outbuildings, private water wells, private sewage disposal septic systems, and other built-in equipment.

NOTE: The inspector is NOT required to inspect optional systems or perform re-inspections but can do so at an additional fee. The inspector is NOT required to turn on utilities, operate shut off valves, light pilots or de-winterzie the property. The inspector is also not required to attempt to access, approach, enter or view anything that may be considered hazardous to the inspector. The inspector is also not required to climb over obstacles, move furniture or large heavy or fragile objects. The inspector is not required to use specialized equipment or procedures, disassemble items other than covers or panels intended to be removed for the inspection, cause damage to property permanent construction or building finish or use a ladder for portions of the inspection other than the roof or attic space.